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Not To Sure

2009-01-30 18:13:51 by randomdude

I'm Kinda Pissed with these so called "Drum and Bass" audio submissions...
Granted the tracks I make are not exactly "PRO" quallity, but at least I have the right Idea.
Unlike alot of submissions that are 4on the floor, (i.e. house, trance, Happy / Hardcore) and Breaks.
Way to many Trance-like Tracks and Breaks under the DnB category.
People just think Drum n Bass's a generic term. When It's actually a culture!!
Just Because there's Drum Loops, and Basslines, dosen't mean its DnB.
There's a lot More to it then That, and it's way complicated. Have any of you ever actually
Herd True Drum n Bass aka Jungle.?
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Not To Sure


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2009-01-30 18:15:19

Ayo man its goin down tonight all the hippinest hoppinest gansta's gettin it on at Paryl's place with a sick-ass cypher check it out and join in yo this is gonna b da bomb of the century!


2009-01-30 18:20:29

I think there's way too few genres to choose from. Some songs might fit in trance AND drum and bass AND industrial at the same time, but you can only choose one genre for each song. :/